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Scope and Solutions available for: Logistics, Warehouses, Supply chain Management, Pharmaceutical Inventory



The logistics industry, which plays a key role in the supply chain process of any organization, is currently one of the most time & man hour intensive sectors. Despite its criticality, it is riddled with Inaccuracy and Inefficiencies, that are a direct result of redundant workflow process, human induced errors, and squandered mobility. Internal Research has shown that this gap in suboptimal productivity, if improperly addressed, can reach as high as 50%.



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  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Redundant processes
  • Functional Silos and Conflicting Goals
  • Dependency on Handheld devices and Key resources
  • Location and Reconciliation of the Inventory
  • Unavailability of Resources and High Labour Cost
  • Inadequate Training due to the large size and scope of warehouses
  • Inaccuracy, Manual Errors, Delays
  • Direct and Indirect Impacts and Implications of Errors and Delays
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