Security Control & Maintenance

Scope and Solutions available for:

Physical Security, Traffic Police, Military, Navy, Air-force, Immigration



Accurate Information & Timely Action is of the essence when dealing with unpredictable events that are common in the world of security monitoring and management.

Today, Security Personnel around the clock have to deal with a stream of demanding and challenging situations, which they often find themselves ill-prepared for, or exhausted to meet. And existing solutions that barely solve the problem, are either too cumbersome, or expensive - as they require a heavy set up of infrastructure & maintenance system, and yet prone to errors and multiple points of failure.



Key Issues & Challenges:

Data Centre Design and Operation

Significant Delay In Incident Response, Reactions & Remediation

Lack of Governance and Risk Management

Inconsistent Processes and Ineffective Practices

Data Integrity and Security

Integration and Availability of the Key Data when/where needed

Poor Compliance rate and Control

Ineffective Information Life Cycle Management

Lack of Customisable Smart Solutions

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