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Mindcloud is bringing the enterprise Smart Glass solution to Australia and New Zealand. With a global foot print across

the globe, we mainly focusing on delivering


innovative, seamless, and functional Smart Glass Solutions. As an Exclusive Regional Partner of GOOGLE and VIP partners of all the top of the line Smart Glass Manufacturers globally, we deliver bespoke and fully customisable business solutions across multiple industries/sectors,  ensuring the most appropriate fusion of emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), IoT, Machine Learning (ML) & Big Data Analytics etc.


Our team of innovative creators, with their vast experience working across various sectors, have brought their experience to craft and hone creative and advanced solutions that disrupt the conventional method to a more efficient and intuitive process.

We mainly focus the below business lines of the industries

mind cloud industries

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The logistics space, which plays a key role in the supply chain process of any organisation, is currently one of the most time & man hour intensive sectors. Despite the criticality, it is riddled with Inaccuracy and Inefficiencies that are a direct result of redundant workflow process, human induced errors, and squandered mobility. Internal Research has shown that this gap in suboptimal productivity, if improperly addressed, can reach as high as 50%.

With our smart glass solutions, we can help in the following area to achieve the better results

  1. Vision Picking
  2. Vision Placing (Put-away)
  3. Vision Packing
  4. Task Management

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Healthcare - one of the largest industries in the world, is also an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. Whilst its the most respected, relied, and growing industry amongst others, it is still riddled with a lot of inaccuracy and inefficiencies that are a direct result of redundant workflow process, lack of technology, old school practices, inexperience, human induced errors, and squandered mobility.

Taking into consideration,

 >  The common practices in the industry

 >  Key issues and challenges

 >  Current infrastructure and technology usage

 >  Need for innovation and greater efficiencies

 >  Successful test cases worldwide

 >  Competitor knowledge,

we have identified and successfully implemented multiple business solutions for our esteemed clients across the globe, which not only cover majority of the manual/ operational/standard processes, but also the areas that are critical to the overall success of any organisation within the Healthcare industry, and their core objectives and duties towards the country, society, and every individual person.


mind cloud industries


Using our bundled package of Smart Glass Solutions and Services, paired with a top of the line Smart Glass Manufacturer and our Key Business Partner Google - we establish most effective Remote Assistance and Engagement, enabling clinicians to connect with remote providers anywhere in the world with a quality Two-Way Live Audio/Video streaming.

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